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Art in the Workplace – What You Need to Know

Modern office design is all about creating a space that is more welcoming, more inspiring and more productive. So, is art an effective way to achieve this? Here’s what our team of contemporary office furniture specialists have to say. Art is... Continue Reading →


Tips for Your Office Acoustics

Most companies are continuing to move towards open plan workspaces as they save on office overheads and space while boosting productivity, communication and collaboration. However, if these spaces aren’t designed properly, you’ll get the opposite effect as noise and speech... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Creating a Health-Focused Workplace

Health and wellness in the workplace is a key focus for commercial office interiors that incorporates everything from architectural design right down to corporate office furniture. Here are some insights into the importance of this movement and how to achieve it in... Continue Reading →

How Technology is Impacting Office Design

It wasn’t that long ago when the relationship between technology and office design was focused on making a big enough hole in a desk or partition for all those cables. These days, the relationship has evolved into something far more... Continue Reading →

Inside Activity-Based Working (ABW)

Activity-Based Working is a design philosophy that’s become a big trend over the last few years because it effectively contributed towards cost-savings on office real estate and furnishings – but that’s not the only reason. Even more significant savings over... Continue Reading →

Be Inspired by the “Colors of Humanity” Building for Doctors Without Borders

In 2017, Steven Holl Architects won the privilege of designing the new Geneva headquarters for humanitarian aid specialists Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). Their innovative plans beat stiff competition from internationally acclaimed firms as their energy-efficient “Colors of Humanity”... Continue Reading →

Making The Workplace Your Happy Place

When most people think of their so-called happy place, they don’t think of their office – but is there a way that these spaces in which we spend so much of our lives can become a positive space? Here are... Continue Reading →

Designing An Effective Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces are big business all over the USA and the world, with dedicated co-working spaced growing from zero to 11,000 in just ten years – and set to increase by another 15,000 by 2020. With the industry picking up... Continue Reading →

What Neuroscience Can Teach Us About Office Design

Neuroscience is a fascinating area of study, focusing on how the human nervous system (including the brain) is structured, how it develops and how it works. While this is a very specific and advanced area of study, it has a... Continue Reading →

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