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Training Company? Here’s How to Design Your Space

Training and upskilling employees is a critical part of being a competitive and forward-thinking business, so it’s no surprise that top training companies are thriving. Your training space says a lot about your business – and it has to be... Continue Reading →


Modern Office Design Ideas for Accessorizing Your Desk

The state of your office desk says a lot about you – but what would you like it to say? Here are some tips for accessorizing your desk, from our contemporary office furniture team in NJ. • Stationery: Gone are... Continue Reading →

Designing an Office Cafeteria? Here’s What to do!

Office cafeterias are a hub for your workplace – a space to unwind, reenergize, talk to colleagues and even hold informal meetings. Although it’s an often-overlooked space, according to research by Steelcase, 91% of employees feel that they need a... Continue Reading →

Old vs. New: How Corporate Office Furniture Has Changed

We live in an age where everything is changing and becoming more innovative and advanced every day, and corporate office furniture is no different. Here, our team takes a look at traditional and modern office furniture, and the pros and... Continue Reading →

Office Lighting – The Essential Tips and Tricks

Good lighting is a critical component in workplace design, affecting the wellness and productivity of your employees and preventing headaches, eyestrain, fatigue and even depression. Here are some tips from our team on how to perfectly light your office. Optimize... Continue Reading →

Small Breakroom? Here are Our Design Tips!

The breakroom is an important part of any office design – a space where employees can relax, have lunch or chat during the workday. For many offices, finding enough space for a functional breakroom can be a challenge, but even... Continue Reading →

Standing Desks – What are the Benefits?

Buying new desks for the office isn’t as simple as it sounds! There are so many great options out there, from sit stand desks and adjustable height desks to desks in every modern and classic style you can imagine. Currently,... Continue Reading →

Attracting the Best Talent Through Modern Office Design

There are many ways to attract top talent to your company, from great amenities to an attractive remuneration package and a welcoming company culture – but it’s your office design that will make or break that crucial first impression. While... Continue Reading →

Creating Privacy in Open, Collaborative Office Spaces

These days, collaboration is the name of the game in the modern workspace. The walls are coming down, communication is actively encouraged and design focusses on pushing the sharing of ideas. The open office concept, even with office cubicle systems... Continue Reading →

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