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How to Choose the Right Conference Room Tables

Every business, no matter the industry, needs a conference table. These pieces of furniture create a central hub in your workplace that facilitates meetings, brainstorming sessions, formal client meetings, employee interviews and much more, so it makes sense that a lot... Continue Reading →


What Does Your Office Space Say About Your Business?

It’s no secret that first impressions count, and for your clients, your office design and interior has a lot to say. Just think about what Google’s new, innovative Mountain View office design says about their commitment to their employees, clients... Continue Reading →

A Look into the Design of Googles Offices in California

Google has come a long way since the two founders sat working in their friend’s Menlo Park garage in 1997, and the new office campus in Mountain View – nicknamed the Googleplex – perfectly illustrates this journey. A marriage of... Continue Reading →

How The Right Corporate Office Furniture Increases Productivity

A chair is just a chair and a desk is just a desk, right? Wrong! In fact, your office furniture has a very real influence on: • How your workspace functions, and • On employee productivity, itself. Here’s how a... Continue Reading →

Introduce Flexibility To Your Office Layout With Architectural Walls

Commercial office interiors have changed dramatically in the last ten years. One of the main features present in this change is the movable wall. So, what has driven this innovation? And what are the benefits? Here’s what the design specialists... Continue Reading →

The Top Office Design Trends Of The Year

Flexible layouts: This year has been all about having a workplace as adaptive and functional as possible, allowing it to change with the requirements of the company, team and individual. From modular furniture that can be easily moved and rearranged... Continue Reading →

How to create the most effective hot-desking workspace

Hot-desking – it’s the buzzword of the year when it comes to modern office design ideas. But like any other trend, it only works when approached and applied in a considered way. Here are some tips about how to develop and... Continue Reading →

How To Create A Collaborative Workspace In Your Office

Collaborative workspaces are known for positively influencing innovation, productivity and creativity, making communication easier and more effective. Creating a workspace like this means bringing two elements together, namely a culture of collaboration and the physical office environment that supports this.... Continue Reading →

A Guide To Different Office Cubicle Systems

First developed in the 1970's, office cubicle systems are still the most popular means of designing and planning an office space to accommodate a workforce. In fact, they account for around $2.27 billions of office furniture sales in the USA! It’s not... Continue Reading →

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