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How To Create A Collaborative Workspace In Your Office

Collaborative workspaces are known for positively influencing innovation, productivity and creativity, making communication easier and more effective. Creating a workspace like this means bringing two elements together, namely a culture of collaboration and the physical office environment that supports this.... Continue Reading →

A Guide To Different Office Cubicle Systems

First developed in the 1970's, office cubicle systems are still the most popular means of designing and planning an office space to accommodate a workforce. In fact, they account for around $2.27 billions of office furniture sales in the USA! It’s not... Continue Reading →

Natural Light And Easy Office Management With Glass Partition Walls

In recent years, glass partition walls have grown in popularity as a high-end choice for offices of every size across the industry board. They are an excellent, high-quality option for creating private spaces within the office environment and offer several... Continue Reading →

Sit Or Stand Desks: What Are The Pros And Cons?

When it comes to choosing office furniture for you and your employees, you’re going to be faced with one significant choice: traditional sitting desks or modern sit to stand desks. Both of these options have their pros and cons for employee health,... Continue Reading →

What Do Modern Reception Desks Have To Offer?

Thinking about upgrading your company’s reception area? This advice is just what you’re looking for! Your company’s reception desk is the first thing your clients and visitors see of your business, so it’s important that it delivers the correct impression.... Continue Reading →

5 Signs Your Office Workstations And Furniture Need An Upgrade

Your office space is home to your employees for 9 or more hours a day, it’s the first impression clients get of your company and it plays a key role in workflow and productivity. So, could your office benefit from... Continue Reading →

The Flexible Office Plan VS. Open-Plan Workspaces – How They Measure Up

Flexible office plans and open-plan office environments are two of the most common options for companies considering tactical ways to make their office space more conducive to productivity and easier to manage. But what do these two concepts offer in... Continue Reading →

What Kind of Workspace Works Best

Workspaces aren’t just about having a room and furniture where you can sit down at a computer, they actively affect employee job satisfaction and productivity. This makes creating the right kind of modern office workspace vital to the success of... Continue Reading →

Tips for Creating a Contemporary Commercial Office Interior

Modern Office Furniture and Design The office is often considered to be the essence of a brand, which is why it is so important to ensure that the modern office design interior is on par when it comes to modern trends... Continue Reading →

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